Avneesh Verma

Hello, my name is Avneesh! Welcome to my personal website! Here, you’ll find what I’ve been working on, as well as some of my notebooks explaining quantum algorithms. Feel free to check out my GitHub, LinkedIn, YouTube Channel, Portfolio, and Medium.

What I’m Working On

QOSF Mentorship Program [GitHub Repo]

  • Exploring quantum algorithms to solve the Vehicle Routing Problem using D-Wave Annealers and Qiskit.

  • Comparing the techniques and advantages of various formulations.

  • Teamed with Shantom Borah and Aniket Sanjay Sinha, under the mentorship of Vesselin Gueorguiev


MaxCut Problem [GitHub Repo]

  • Generalized QAOA to solve the weighted MaxCut problem using Qiskit, without built-in QAOA functionality from Qiskit Aqua.

  • Used Ocean SDK to solve MaxCut problem on D-Wave Annealers.

  • Compared runtimes between classical computer, D-Wave Annealers, and Qiskit QAOA with Qasm Simulator.

Breakthrough Junior Challenge 2020

  • Competed in the 2020 Breakthrough Junior Challenge, placing in the top 5% of global submissions.

  • Made a video explaining Lorentz Transformations and Special Relativity.

Wrote an article explaining superposition in the context of Quantum Computing

Instacart Consulting Project

  • Designed Web-Scraper to analyze customer reviews and identify key complaints

  • Recommended Solutions to improve shopping experience for Instacart Customers

  • Presented Recommendation Deck to Instacart.